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Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Stone

Name Gabriel Stone Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2"
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Professor Gabriel Stone stood tall at 6 feet 2 inches, a commanding presence that spoke volumes about both his intellect and his physical discipline. His lithe, toned frame, weighing a solid 85 kilograms, suggested a balance between mental acumen and a commitment to staying fit. Every movement seemed deliberate, carrying with it an air of confidence and purpose.

His piercing blue eyes held a depth that mirrored the clarity of the sky on a crisp morning, a sharpness that hinted at his insatiable curiosity and keen analytical mind. They often sparkled with an understated humor, revealing glimpses of his multifaceted personality when engaged in scientific discussions or moments of camaraderie.

Gabriel's short, tousled brown hair was a study in rich, earthy hues, its texture catching subtle highlights that added depth to its warm tone. It framed a face defined by strong features—a sculpted jawline, complemented by a well-proportioned nose and expressive brows. There was an innate balance between approachability and professionalism etched in his countenance, inviting conversation while maintaining an air of scholarly authority.

His demeanor exuded a composed assurance, a fluidity in his movements that suggested both confidence and grace. Whether engrossed in complex data analysis or negotiating delicate diplomatic situations, he projected an aura of calm expertise, a man equally at ease within the halls of academia and the frontiers of exploration.

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35


Spouse None
Children None
Father Lucas Stone (Deceased)
Mother Mary Stone (76)
Brother(s) Polino Stone (45)
Sister(s) Ramona Stone (33)
Other Family Pritoria Stone (cousin, 25)

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Professor Gabriel Stone is a dichotomy of sharp intellect and magnetic charm, a man who straddles the fine line between unyielding dedication to his work and a penchant for flirtatious banter. At the core of his persona lies an unwavering commitment to scientific exploration, a devotion that often borders on obsession.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Gabriel approaches every scientific problem with a meticulous and analytical mind. His work ethic is unparalleled, burning the midnight oil to unravel the mysteries of alien ecosystems or decipher the complexities of quantum phenomena. He's the epitome of efficiency, dissecting problems with surgical precision and finding solutions that others might overlook.

Yet, beneath the serious facade lies a charismatic and playful side. Gabriel possesses a silver tongue, effortlessly weaving words into playful jests or charming compliments. He enjoys the game of verbal sparring, the dance of wit that accompanies his interactions, often cloaked in an air of self-assured confidence. His flirtatious nature is almost a reflex, an ingrained part of his charm that he wields with finesse.

Most find themselves drawn to his magnetic persona, his ability to make even the most mundane scientific discussions engaging. His affable nature and natural charisma make him a popular figure among many crew members. However, this charm can occasionally grate on those who prefer a more straightforward or serious demeanor, especially when his confident attitude borders on arrogance.

Gabriel's self-assuredness can rub some the wrong way, especially when coupled with his propensity for playful teasing or his knack for one-upmanship in debates. While he genuinely respects expertise and intelligence, his competitive streak might inadvertently alienate those who find his confidence overwhelming or his flirtatious demeanor inappropriate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Intellectual Brilliance: Gabriel possesses exceptional intelligence, excelling in his field of xenobiology. His ability to grasp complex scientific concepts and devise innovative solutions is unparalleled.

Efficiency and Precision: He approaches tasks with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that his work is not only thorough but also completed in a timely manner. His efficiency allows him to navigate scientific challenges swiftly and effectively.

Charismatic Communication: Gabriel's charisma and charm make him an effective communicator. He can engage and captivate audiences, simplifying intricate scientific concepts for easier understanding.

Adaptability: He demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt to new situations and think on his feet, making quick decisions and adjusting to unforeseen challenges during missions or scientific endeavors.


Overconfidence and Arrogance: Gabriel's self-assured nature can sometimes border on arrogance, causing friction with individuals who find his confidence overbearing or dismissive.

Flirtatious Nature: While his flirtatiousness adds to his charm, it can be misinterpreted or seen as inappropriate by some individuals, potentially creating tension or discomfort in professional settings.

Competitive Streak: His inclination toward competitiveness in intellectual debates or scientific discussions might inadvertently alienate those who prefer a more collaborative approach or feel overshadowed.

Impatience with Mediocrity: Gabriel's pursuit of excellence can lead to impatience with those who do not meet his standards, potentially hindering teamwork or patience in teaching others.
Ambitions Gabriel Stone harbors ambitious aspirations that extend far beyond the confines of conventional scientific achievements. His overarching ambition is to leave an indelible mark on the scientific community, pioneering breakthroughs in xenobiology that redefine the understanding of alien life forms.

Pioneering Discoveries: He aims to uncover groundbreaking discoveries in xenobiology, striving to unlock the secrets of alien ecosystems, the intricacies of extraterrestrial biology, and the interconnectivity of different life forms across the galaxy.

Academic Eminence: Gabriel desires academic recognition and aims to publish influential papers that reshape the field of xenobiology. He aspires to be a luminary figure, invited to speak at prestigious conferences and contributing significantly to the collective scientific knowledge.

Innovative Technologies: He seeks to translate his discoveries into practical applications, envisioning the development of new technologies that utilize alien biology for the betterment of Starfleet and galactic exploration.

Mentorship and Legacy: Alongside his personal accomplishments, Gabriel aspires to mentor future generations of scientists, nurturing their passion for xenobiology and leaving a lasting legacy through the impact of his teachings and guidance.

Exploration and Understanding: His ambition isn’t solely confined to academic spheres; he dreams of being at the forefront of exploration missions, delving into uncharted territories to study new life forms and unravel the mysteries of the cosmos firsthand.
Hobbies & Interests Holonovel Enthusiast: Gabriel finds solace in immersive holonovels, often diving into vividly constructed virtual worlds that offer an escape from the rigors of scientific research. Whether it's historical recreations or fantastical adventures, he relishes the narratives that holonovels offer.

Piano Virtuoso: A hidden talent of Gabriel's is his proficiency in playing the piano. Music serves as an emotional outlet, allowing him to unwind and express himself in ways that transcend the confines of scientific data and analysis.

Exotic Plant Cultivation: His fascination with alien ecosystems extends beyond the laboratory. Gabriel cultivates a small collection of exotic plants from various planets, nurturing them with care and curiosity, finding joy in observing their unique growth patterns.

Strategic Gaming: He enjoys strategy-based holo-games that challenge his intellect and tactical prowess. These games allow him to unwind while keeping his mind sharp through complex problem-solving.

Exploration of Culinary Arts: Gabriel finds pleasure in experimenting with diverse cuisines, relishing the intricacies of flavors from different cultures. He sees cooking as a creative endeavor, using it as a way to unwind and explore new sensory experiences.

Martial Arts Practitioner: To maintain physical and mental discipline, Gabriel practices a form of martial arts. The structured movements and philosophy behind martial arts resonate with his desire for balance and control.

Personal History Professor Gabriel Stone's personal history is a tapestry woven with a blend of academic pursuit, personal challenges, and an unwavering passion for unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

Born to a family with a lineage steeped in scientific inquiry, Gabriel's fascination with the unknown began in his formative years. Growing up on Earth, he was exposed to a rich environment that fostered curiosity and intellectual exploration. His parents, both esteemed scientists in their respective fields, instilled in him a deep appreciation for knowledge and the pursuit of truth.

From an early age, Gabriel exhibited an exceptional intellect and an insatiable hunger for understanding the cosmos. His natural aptitude for scientific inquiry became evident as he delved into books on astrophysics and xenobiology, voraciously consuming knowledge far beyond his years.

His academic journey led him to excel in prestigious institutions, where he immersed himself in the study of xenobiology. Gabriel's thirst for discovery drove him to explore the complexities of alien ecosystems and the intricacies of extraterrestrial life forms, carving a niche for himself in the scientific community.

However, his pursuit of excellence wasn't devoid of challenges. Gabriel faced setbacks and personal trials along the way, encountering moments of self-doubt and obstacles that tested his resolve. These experiences, though tumultuous at times, only fueled his determination to push the boundaries of scientific understanding.

Joining Starfleet became the pivotal point in Gabriel's career. Embracing the opportunity to combine his passion for exploration with his scientific expertise, he sought to make a tangible impact within the organization. Rising through the ranks, he earned accolades for his contributions to xenobiology and emerged as a respected authority in his field.

Despite his professional success, Gabriel remains driven by a desire to uncover the universe's deepest secrets, knowing that the answers lie beyond the reaches of current knowledge. His personal history serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to scientific inquiry and his unrelenting pursuit of discovery within the vast expanse of the cosmos.
Service Record Early Career and Specialized Assignments
Gabriel Stone embarked on his Starfleet journey after completing advanced studies in xenobiology, quickly establishing himself as a promising scientist with an insatiable thirst for exploration. His early assignments included stints aboard various starships and research facilities, such as the USS Discovery and the Kepler Research Outpost, where he delved into the study of alien life forms and ecosystems.

Contributions and Breakthroughs
Gabriel's groundbreaking work in xenobiology earned him acclaim within Starfleet's scientific community. His tenure aboard the USS Intrepid saw him leading research expeditions to uncharted regions, encountering new species, and contributing pivotal discoveries in the understanding of alien biology. His expertise also played a crucial role in the development of experimental technologies that bridged the gap between science and exploration.

Ship Assignments

USS Discovery
Kepler Research Outpost
USS Intrepid
Promotions and Leadership Roles
Gabriel's exceptional contributions and leadership potential did not go unnoticed. His promotion to higher officer ranks came as a result of his dedication and outstanding achievements. He steadily climbed the ranks, assuming roles of increasing responsibility within science departments, culminating in his appointment as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Samurai.

Path to Chief Science Officer
His journey to the position of Chief Science Officer was marked by a series of notable achievements, where his ability to combine scientific expertise with practical applications proved invaluable. Gabriel's contributions to Starfleet's scientific advancements, coupled with his leadership acumen, led to his selection as the ideal candidate to lead the scientific endeavors aboard the USS Samurai.

Ship Names Gabriel Stone Has Served On:

USS Discovery
Kepler Research Outpost
USS Intrepid
USS Samurai (current assignment as Chief Science Officer)