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Commander Shannon McKenna

Name Shannon Reid McKenna

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Physical Appearance

Height 1,78m
Weight 63 kilos
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Average height, a little on the slender side, Shannon works out to stay lean, strong and healthy. As an officer, she has to be in top physical condition. Her goal is never to send someone else where she can't go. Her trademark is her smile.

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father James O'Rourke McKenna
Mother Jenna Elise Reid
Brother(s) Conor O'Rourke MacKenna, 44; Eamon O'Rourke MacKenna, 42
Sister(s) Caitlin Reid MacKenna, 33
Other Family numerous aunts, uncles and cousins
McKenna grandparents
Reid gramdfather

Personality & Traits

General Overview Always ready with a smile, a compliment, or a joke, McKenna is well liked among colleagues. She does especially well with children.

She is not married and never has been, but hopes someday to find the right person to make a commitment.

Friendly to all and polite, her first priority is always the safety of her ship and crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses MacKenna's commitment to security has occasionally caused conflict with superior officers, when those officers had a different priority.

She's not particularly concerned about advancing her career with Starfleet, which can bring her into conflict with her superiors.

She has a strong sense of loyalty to those with whom she serves.

Ambitions Shannon is not concerned with advancing her career. She does a great deal of weapons research and keeps up with the latest technology in the field of investigation. If she has an ambition, it is never to find herself stumped by any danger.

She loves engineering and math, but her passion is security for those fields.
Hobbies & Interests plays a Celtic mini-harp, 12 string;
silk embroidery;
loves books, especially old ones actually printed on paper

Personal History Born 2356 in County Cork, in the Irish Republic, MacKenna's early years were carefree. She was the baby for six years, with two protective older brothers, and that helped her develop a strong will and independence.

Both parents were, and still are, research botanists and professors at University College Cork, part of the National University of Ireland. Shannon is not the only child who entered Starfleet. Caitlin and Eamon are scientists, and Conor occasionally consults with Starfleet as a warp technology researcher.

From an early age, Shannon could "feel" the truth of things she heard. Friends often marveled at her ability to look at a puzzling situation and cut to the heart of the details. She couldn't explain her facility either, and was puzzled that others couldn't see what she could.

It was natural that, with her high scores in math ability, she would drift toward engineering or science. Her mother urged her to take up a form of the profession which would keep her close to family, but MacKenna had other ideas and applied to Starfleet Academy as soon as was possible. She entered the competition exams while still in her final year of Secondary School with the attitude that the experience would stand her in good stead for what she thought of as her "real" application after graduation.

As it turned out, she was one of the highest scoring science candidates in the twenty years leading up to her competition, and she was accepted immediately into the delayed entry program, contingent on doing well in the summer preparatory classes.

Shannon's years at the Academy were relatively uneventful. The Dominion War ended before her second cadet year, and life in the UFP has been relatively peaceful since then. Her first two years were completed at the Marseille, France, campus, before transferring to the Tactical specialty center near San Francisco. Sometime in France, she decided she had more of a taste for people than for molecules, though the grounding in science helped in her later expansion into the security field, as well as tactical.

At the age of 22, MacKenna graduated from the Academy with honors. She didn't stand highest in the overall Academy that year, but she was the third highest tactical graduate.

It didn't bother her to be third. It gave her a goal to work toward - being the best in Starfleet.
Service Record 2378: Graduation from Starfleet Academy
2378-2382: Security Officer, Ensign, USS Iwo Jima
2382-2384: Security Investigations Officer, Promoted to Lt(JG) 2383 Starbase 235
2384-2386: Tactical Officer, USS Magellan
2386-2387: Engineering Officer, Promoted to Lt 2386, USS Abraham Lincoln
2387-2390: Asst. Chief Engineer, Promoted to LCDR 2390 , USS Columbia
2390: Starfleet certification course for Security Enhancement Techniques
2390-2393: Chief Engineer, USS Cheron
2393-2395: Asst. Chief Engineer, SB 109
2395-2396: Executive Officer. USS Samurai, promoted to Commander 2396.