Welcome to USS Samurai, a ship with a long. distinctive career in Starfleet. Her days of contributing are not over. Experimental software and devices abound under her Chief Engineer. She's also involved in the transfer of assets and goods for intelligence, mainly housing WV Nomad, which carries out such missions, frequently undercover.

Our sim is RATED for 13 year olds. NO sexual conduct is allowed, and language must be kept clean and swear-free. This is for the good of our adults, as well as any children who join us as the next generation of Star Trek simmers.

Monthly Awards: 2023 Third Quarter

Third Quarter Awards - 2023

Brandon Perry

Monthly Awards: 2023 Fourth Quarter

Again, USS Samurai is rated 13.

USS Samurai is a Cooperative Writing Game of Theta Fleet. If you like what you see, feel free to send us a character application! If you don't see the character you want to play on our sim, then shoot us an e-mail and Command will consider how you might fit into what's happening in this unique environment.

You can also click on Theta Fleet at the top of the site and see if there's something else that interests you here. We have many unusual sims in Area 51.

Latest News Items

» A Big Hello

Posted on Tue Jan 2nd, 2024 @ 7:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Stone Ph.D. in General News

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick hello from me to you all!

It's been a few years since I last simmed onboard Starbase Vanguard (believe it's 109 now) and I ran it for a while as well, so a few of you I have actually written with in the past :)

It's nice to be back writing and I will hopefully be able to do a few joint posts with you when needed.

Kind regards


» November Theta Fleet Awards

Posted on Thu Dec 14th, 2023 @ 5:57am by Commander Shannon McKenna in Sim Announcement

Dear Crew,

Stemming from the December Fleet Report for November, we have earned the following fleet awards, which are posted on the main page if you scroll down to the awards section. Considering that we have only been in operation since August, 2023, I think we've done quite well for these months!

The unit of distinction is based on the number of posts per players, 2.4, in our case.

Post of the Month nomination and reason: https://samurai.sim-station.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/36; Tactician's Decision: Joe took lead position as Navarra and McKenna discussed offering him the Tactical Chief position on Samurai's bridge, sweetening his acceptance with a promotion once he signed on ... but what was he letting himself in for?

Sim awards include the same Post of the Month, as well as:

Player of the Month nomination and reason: Charlene, for all the tech work she does on the site, keeping us up and running, as well as occasionally jumping into character.

Writer of the Month nominations and reasons: https://samurai.sim-station.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/37; Susan Nixon: For Ava Series finished with successful science action in the cloning. All the writing on both characters was done by Susan. AMAZING WRITING!

Shannon McKenna, XO
USS Samurai

» Welcome Aboard

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 @ 4:01am by Captain Isabella Perry in General News

Greetings and welcome to U.S.S. Samurai.

We are officially open for business and are waiting for your application to join us. We have new adventures coming to you soon as possible. Make sure to press the join button and choose a position of your liking. We have some interesting positions with a village on a mysterious planet that would be fun to play. We will need a government, hospitals, schools, etc. etc. I am sure there is something for everybody.

Just as a reminder, this sim is rated for 13 years of age. Be mindful of that when you join. That means no cursing, mo sexual situations. This is for the good of our adults, as well as any children who join us as the next generation of Star Trek simmers.

Again, welcome and check out the manifests for Samurai and the village.