Welcome Aboard

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 @ 4:01am by Captain Isabella Perry

Greetings and welcome to U.S.S. Samurai.

We are officially open for business and are waiting for your application to join us. We have new adventures coming to you soon as possible. Make sure to press the join button and choose a position of your liking. We have some interesting positions with a village on a mysterious planet that would be fun to play. We will need a government, hospitals, schools, etc. etc. I am sure there is something for everybody.

Just as a reminder, this sim is rated for 13 years of age. Be mindful of that when you join. That means no cursing, mo sexual situations. This is for the good of our adults, as well as any children who join us as the next generation of Star Trek simmers.

Again, welcome and check out the manifests for Samurai and the village.



Category: General News

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