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November Theta Fleet Awards

Posted on Thu Dec 14th, 2023 @ 5:57am by Commander Shannon McKenna

Dear Crew,

Stemming from the December Fleet Report for November, we have earned the following fleet awards, which are posted on the main page if you scroll down to the awards section. Considering that we have only been in operation since August, 2023, I think we've done quite well for these months!

The unit of distinction is based on the number of posts per players, 2.4, in our case.

Post of the Month nomination and reason:; Tactician's Decision: Joe took lead position as Navarra and McKenna discussed offering him the Tactical Chief position on Samurai's bridge, sweetening his acceptance with a promotion once he signed on ... but what was he letting himself in for?

Sim awards include the same Post of the Month, as well as:

Player of the Month nomination and reason: Charlene, for all the tech work she does on the site, keeping us up and running, as well as occasionally jumping into character.

Writer of the Month nominations and reasons:; Susan Nixon: For Ava Series finished with successful science action in the cloning. All the writing on both characters was done by Susan. AMAZING WRITING!

Shannon McKenna, XO
USS Samurai


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Category: Sim Announcement

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